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/Плавательный бассейн с системой противотечения /Джакузи /Обливочное ведро /Паровая баня (45-50ºС) /Тепидариум — тёплая комната /Судаториум — баня на дровах (85-100ºС) /Массажный кабинет /Второй этаж для комфортного отдыха и трапез/


/Большой плавательный бассейн с морской водой /Джакузи /Купель с холодной водой /Хамам — паровая баня (43ºС) /Финская сауна (100-120ºС) /Мыльный турецкий массаж /Второй этаж для комфортного отдыха и трапез/


/Плавательный бассейн /Паровая баня (45-50ºС) /Тепидариум — тёплая комната /Баня на дровах (85-100ºС) /Массажный кабинет /Второй этаж для комфортного отдыха /Русский билльярд/


Phone:  060 555716

Opening : 24/24

Address: A. Mateevici str., 34, Chisinau

If you would like to organize an event in a comfortable and informal environment , to program a business meeting, to relax with your friends or to spend nice a romantic evening, better place then the SPA and BATH COMPLEX “PREMIER”, you won’t find for sure! Visiting our complex makes you feel happier, relaxed and joyful. Here you can taste the pleasure of fine aromas, meditation, positive energy. It helps you to get back to normal life with new powers.

For your security and peace our complex is hidden from foreign eyes and is placed on a guarded area. We are glad to meet all your desires: Wood-fired sauna and Roman bath. You will be pleasant surprised by the interiors and the large territory for your recreation and fun. At ourplace you will feel the romantic and nice atmosphere. Each bath has rooms for recreation, large swimming pools , water massage, different traditional baths, massage services.

Our staff will take care to make your rest unforgettable. Visiting our complex you can easily compare the difference of temperature and choose a type of bath that suites you the best. With great joy we will try to make your visit most benefic and pleasant. Visiting us once, you will remain our clients for a long time!

Enjoy the pleasure of recreation!You deserve it!